I hope you enjoy the music that I have loved creating, some with my friends and some solo works.
Check back often as I will expand this collection with new stuff.


All Along The Watchtower (Dylan) (12.2 MB - 8' 31'' .mov)
From STONEY END's June 29, 2009 Debut at the Savoy

Voodoo Chile (Hendrix) (12.7 MB - 8' 56'' .mov)
From STONEY END's August 29, 2009 Concert at the Savoy

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Stonebraker-Moore Project - recorded Summer 1988
Jim Stonebraker, guitars/vocals - Brian Wilkerson, drums
Denny Preis, bass - LaVel Moore, vocals

Sun Moon Star Sky (Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 4 MB (4'20")

I Smell a Rat (Moore, Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 4.2 MB (4'35")

Child of the 60's (Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 4.5 MB (4'52")

Solo recorded October 1990

Oh Lord Take Away This Feeling (Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 3.9 MB (4'16")

Solo recorded October 1994 (Campaign commercial against Dick Gephardt)

Liberal, Taxin', 2-Faced Dick (arr. Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 928.3 KB (59")

Solo recorded May 29, 2003 - Demo Solo Guitar

Day in the Life of a Fool Take 1 (Luis Bonfa - arr. Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 3.8 MB (4'11")

Day in the Life of a Fool Take 2 (Luis Bonfa - arr. Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 3.7 MB (4')

Classical Gas (Mason Williams)
MP3 audio 3 MB (3')

Dreamy State (Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 4.3 MB (4'41")

From the album "Deep Universe Vision" featuring Jim Stonebraker on guitars,
Brian Wilkerson on drums and Dino Asaro in bass. Recorded May 2004:

The South County Moving Man's Van (Stonebraker)
MP3 audio 11.7 MB (12'50")